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Here is an interesting new site. It provides tips, videos and tutorials for skaters. There will be lots of stuff here for beginners. Just click on the logo.

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It's the law in California. If you are under 18 years old
HELMETS (a bike helmet is OK) ARE MANDATORY on cycles, scooters or skates.
Helmets are required for ALL my students in ALL my classes.

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 Press Release

Contact: Philip M. Lenihan 408-741-7503, E-mail


Philip Lenihan Stresses Skill-Building & Safety for Sports Enthusiasts of All Ages

CUPERTINO, Calif.—April 27, 1997—The International In-Line Skating Association (IISA) held it’s internationally recognized Instructor Certification Program on April 11-13, 1997 in San Francisco. Philip M. Lenihan successfully passed the IISA Level I Instructor course and now holds official certification to teach America’s fastest growing sport, in-line skating.

Lenihan, who began running at 40; running marathons at 41; and running ultra-marathons (50 and 100 miles) at 46, started in-line skating "for relaxation" at 59. In whatever sport he undertook, Lenihan practiced the skills and safety rules necessary to compete, even when he was competing only with himself. Now semi-retired from high-technology publishing, Lenihan is consulting and teaching.

The IISA Instructor Certification Program was created in an effort to standardize safety, skating and teaching skills. The organization encourages skaters to Gear-up! by wearing protective gear, especially helmets, using common sense, skating legally and taking a lesson from a certified instructor. Certified instructors throughout the world are putting people of all ages on skates safely and effectively.

"I am excited about receiving my certification," said Lenihan. "I want to teach in-line skating—especially to adults in Northern California. It’s an opportunity to spread the word that with proper instruction, and following safety precautions, in-line skating is a very safe sport—one the whole family can enjoy together." Lenihan also coached pre-marathoners, and served as a Board Member for five years on the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

"The in-line certification program introduces qualified candidates to standardized vocabulary, national safety etiquette, safety rules and participatory teaching situations," said Kalinda Mathis, IISA Instructor Certification Program Director. "This program teaches candidates how to teach as well as how students learn."

One primary benefit for the in-line skating student is that regardless of where or with whom the lesson is taken, if the instructor is certified, the student will be learning from the same curriculum, with the same vocabulary. As in-line skating students improve, they gain the skills to enjoy more in-line activities such as local hockey leagues, dancing, in-line skate racing, trick skating at skate parks—or simply to get more fitness benefits from in-line skating. Taking a lesson from a certified instructor decreases the in-line skater’s fear while it increases his confidence.

The IISA was created in 1991 to advance the sport of in-line skating. Through the support of major in-line manufacturers, retailers and thousands of in-line skaters, the IISA develops safety and educational programs, works to protect and expand access to public skateways, sponsors the National Skate Patrol and sanctions events and competitions. The International In-line Skating Association continues to set the standard for in-line skating safety and education through it’s Instructor Certification Program.

For more information about in-line skating lessons, call Phil Lenihan at 408-996-8302 or contact skateIA for a listing of certified instructors in your area.

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