Philip M. Lenihan
Level 3 IISA Certified In-line Skating Instructor
Cupertino, CA

Books and Videos           

Here are a few books that might help your In-line skating program. You can order them directly from, discounted, by just selecting the Order Now button. If you know of any good beginners videos please let me know. E-mail The one I have is really old and they don't seem to be making any new ones.

Learn to Inline Skate with Debbie Merrrill, Instructor to the stars

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New Third Edition

Get Rolling
This is the first book I bought on In-line skating. It is a classic. If you are just starting or want to brush up, this is the book for you. Highly recommended.
By: Liz Miller

New Third Edition just published - Order Now


Featuring IISA Certified Instructor Bettina Bigelow

I really like this one. Covers the basics and then builds to more advanced moves. PHIL

Inside Edge is crammed with everything you need to become an expert inline skate, whether you are a total beginner or a budding rail grinder. Learn the from the beginning ready position, stride 1,2 and 3, A frame turns, heel brake stop, and safe stopping, to parallel turns. Then go intermediate with parallel turns, mohawks, spin stops, forward crossovers, backwards skating and hills. Now go for the hockey start, 180 jump, backwards crossover, sidesurf, backwards powerslide stop, and grinding, plus the attitude that goes with tricks. Shot in Venice Beach California. Extremely well done video thatís fun to watch. Order from: SurfVideo

Advanced In-line Skating
Well, you learned the basics and now want to move out. This book covers all the different venues for in-line skating. Touring, dancing, fitness, Roller-Soccer, racing, freestyle, aggressive to name a few.
By: Liz Miller

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California In-line Skating
The complete guide to the greatest places to skate in California. With its great weather you can skate year round here and this is your guide. Don't leave home without it.
By Liz Miller

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Fitness In-line Skating
If you're ready to progress from recreational rolling to serious training, Fitness In-Line Skating, is your guide. Take the all-important fitness assessment test, then choose one of the six training programs based on your starting fitness level.
By: Suzanne Nottingham

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Speed on Skates
Interested in going fast? Racing? Then this book's in-depth explanations of the theories and applications behind speed skating technique, training and even race strategy is for you.
By: Barry Publow

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