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PML & Associates is a marketing consulting company. Projects cover e-marketing, Internet, marketing, and general business plans. We are also able to help you design a web site, set up e-commerce, publish a web site and market your web site on the Internet. This page illustrates some of the projects that we have produced and manage.


Internet Web Sites That We Have Created:

Cache Creek Lavender

Web site This is an e-commerce web site for a small lavender farm in the Cache Creek Area of California.

California Yoga Center

www.californiayoga.com This is a yoga school in Mountain View, Ca. The site is use to publish their class schedule, directions and map to the school, backgrounds on the instructors, operate a simple store, a simple yoga guide and provide background for new students.

House of Bagpipes

www.houseofbagpipes.com The House of Bagpipes is a San Francisco retailer of bagpipes and associates parts, equipment and accessories. It is also a complete repair shop for bagpipes.

Cupertino Senior TV Productions

A TV production company out of the Cupertino Senior Center. They have been producing TV programs since 1983.

Hewlett-Packard Small Business

HP Small Business Unit This is the site I finished for Hewlett-Packard. Their situation was that they had a promotion starting on May 1 with the California Society CPAs. The HP employee who was in charge of the program took another job at HP and the web page stuff never got started. They called me on May 1, and wanted to know if we could get a site up by May 8. I asked what material they had and they said none. I asked what were the technical considerations at the CPAs society and they said they did not know. We got the site up and running in five days. They are now deciding who will take over the continued maintenance. They were very pleased.

National Free Inline Skating Lesson Program

www.freeskatelesson.com This was a national program, in cooperation with IISA and USARS, to introduce people to Inline Skating. It ran from March to June 2003.

Selling a Classic VW Beetle

Classic 68 VW for Sale This was a classified ad to sell a clasic 1968 VW Beetle. Selling classic cars is more like slling art then selling cars.

Philip Lenihan

www.lenihan.org This is my personal site, where I assume are right now. You can read my resume there and learn about my interests.

Hewlett-Packard Human Relations

I did another site for Hewlett-Packard Human Relations for internal use. It took their eight page individually prepared benefits mailing brochure and explained each item. It also had a section of about 100 frequently asked questions linked by subject and back to the brochure. It is proprietary information and I cannot show it publicly.


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