This is a black 1968 Type 1 sedan with 37,000 original miles. It is completely original and has not been restored.

The car was purchased by Phoebe Seagrave, in 1967 from Gus Mozart VW in Menlo Park. I have the original pink slip sent to Ms. Seagrave by the California DMV, in the original envelope (with the 5 cent post mark). The car was serviced locally and driven until 1983. It was last registered in 1986. I have the original owner’s manual, complete with all service stamps. The last being the 36,000-mile check up, done in 1983. The car went into garage storage in the mid 1980s. I purchased it from Phoebe Seagrave’s estate in November of 2002. We had to flush the gas tank, replace the master and wheel cylinders (I have the originals) and replace the clutch (it was stuck to the fly wheel) and gave it a good wash. It drives very well. The car is 100% original and very clean. Many areas of the car, such as inside the trunk, look new. It has no rust, has the original paint (in excellent condition), all the original interior (in excellent condition), original spare tire and roof rack (not shown).

It has not been restored, just cleaned. Everything works except the gas gauge and one low beam. It has the original black CALIF. plates with 1986 tags in the original Gus Mozart dealer frames. As it has not been restored, there are a few door dings and fender dents.

The car does not need to be restored, it can be carefully cleaned and shown as a true original.

Original black exterior with red interior
Original black California plates, last registered in 1986
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Nothing has been restored on this car, it has all the original factory interior
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The back seat has hardly ever been used
Here’s a shot with the rear seat folded down. The area shows very little wear
The headliner is intact and clean
The battery area is clean, rust free and has all of the original insulation. This is most likely the 2nd battery for the car
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The trunk is clean and this may be the original spare tire
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The spare space is free of rust and the wiper spray system looks brand new
The undercarriage is free of rust and shows very little wear
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Even after being in storage for almost 20 years the engine started up with very little trouble.
35 years old and only 37,000 miles!
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Here is the original owner's manual with all the service stamps. The last one is the 36,000 check up
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Here is the original pink slip and the envelope from the California DMV
Note the 5 cent postmark

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The car may be seen in San Jose, CA

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