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I have gathered information about myself, my interests, and my company and placed them here for you to explore and enjoy.

Do you have a Web site?    If not, I would be glad to help you create one.

Please drop me a message before you leave my site . Thank you for dropping by! Browse to your heart's content and most of all, Have Fun! .

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Inline Skating Instruction Schedule & Information
Web Page Design and Management 
Cupertino Senior TV Productions
Producer, Directoe, Host, Web Master
& Video Editor

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Coffee - how to enjoy it
Being Irish
Irish bagpipes
Holiday Ukuleles
Senior Housing
Gathering of Poets

Hire a Piper
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Available for parties, parades, weddings, promotions, ceremonies, memorial services and funerals.
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Also see my band: Stewart Tartan Pipes and Drums

On Parade St. Patrick's Day Parade in SF.

Phil the Piper
Irish Piper
    Phil the Sailor

I'd really rather be Sailing

OCSC Sailing School

     Monta Vister Brewery - My home brewing page.

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