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I have gathered information about myself, my interests, and my company and placed them here for you to explore and enjoy.

Please drop me a message before you leave my site . Thank you for dropping by! Browse to your heart's content and most of all, Have Fun! .

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Inline Skating nstruction Schedule & Information - Retired
Web Page Design and Management - Retired 
CupertinoTV Productions
Producer, Directoe, Host, Web Master
& Video Editor

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Coffee - how to enjoy it
Being Irish
Irish bagpipes
Holiday Ukuleles
Senior Housing
Gathering of Poets

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Available for parties, parades, weddings, promotions, ceremonies, memorial services and funerals.
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Also see my band: San Jose Police Emerals Society


Phil the Piper
Irish Piper
    Phil the Sailor

I'd really rather be Sailing

OCSC Sailing School

     Monta Vister Brewery - My home brewing page.

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